About Pamela

Pamela is a wedding photographer based in the Toronto and Niagara area whose style is candid, fun, and intimate with a bold flair. Experienced in wedding and lifestyle photography and she is available for world travel wherever love will take her.

"My name is Pamela and I am the bubbly face behind the camera. Watch out! I'm the type of person that will give you a big tight hug and a smile when I see you"


Few fun facts: 

I'm a fraternal twin.

I love black coffee.

I'm normally an introvert but when I am behind my camera I will never stop talking.

I love travelling and am always on the lookout for my next adventure!

I will cry and cheer with you in front and behind my camera.

I enjoy capturing emotions more than objects.

I LOVE jamming it out in my car.

Pokemon & Sailor Moon was my childhood!

I tend to find happiness in many things, big or small.

I will say hi to all the Corgis I see.



“Word can’t describe on how much we love Pamela’s work. My fiancée and I are super awkward. But Pamela not only made us feel comfortable. But we also had a wonderful time with nothing but laughters. She really caught our best moments with each other and we honestly couldn’t be any happier with how the photos turned out.”