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Hanok Village

South Korea has always been on my bucket list to travel to ever since my sister got me into listening to K-pop music back in the day. Everything about their culture became so intriguing to me especially the food and the fashion. 

I went on this trip with my friend, Tatiana and we literally didn't have anything planned besides going to one area and booking one hostel. Normally all my trips are planned with a schedule but this trip was a "let's decide when we get there" kind of trip.  13 hrs later we landed in South Korea during their sunset and we took the train to Hongdae. I was blown away by the view of the mountains and open fields. When we got off the train, all we wanted to do was go to sleep but we realized it was only Saturday. We then decided to go to the closest 7/11 to get some Soju and drink on the rooftop of our hostel, and later experience the nightlife.

We mostly stayed in the city of Hongdae which is known for their nightlife, karaoke lounges, random performances (street buskers), and lots of street food vendors. [TIP**] The food is soooo good but watch your spice levels because Korean spices are much more spicier than we thought we could handle! OH! And if you love cheese, you'll love the food even more too !

Other places we checked out were Gyeongbokgung Palace and Hanok Village, which was cool because if you rented a Hanbok (traditional outfit), you can go see the palaces for free. We also visited Iteawon for more street food, and day drinking and then went to Myeongdong for shopping.

This trip made me have the urge to travel more and experiences different cultures. I can't wait to go back !

Heres a few photos from my trip !

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