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The beginning of 2020 was something no one could have expected, but the last few months haven’t seen a shortage of self-reflection and learning. In quarantine, you start to become one with your thoughts and you learn how to persevere past your internal monologues and address the need to adjust to the changes. I had a busy schedule with work and balancing spending time with friends and family, that adjusting to staying at home became a struggle. I didn't like having these negative feelings, so I decided to figure out how I can better my thoughts. Being online with my boyfriend and friends has definitely helped me stay grounded until it was safe to meet in person again.

While wedding photographers have just been given the green light to meet and photograph clients, during the quarantine I wanted to take the opportunity to keep improving my skills and try new techniques. Matt and Lisa are close friends of mine and I wanted to capture how relaxed and charming their relationship is. I was happy to capture these little fun moments for them, while of course maintaining social distancing.

Please enjoy these cute little moments of them!

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