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Nhiza & Erwyn's Silver Wedding

After celebrating a quarter of a century of each others lives - why not celebrate?

When I was approached by Nhiza and Erwyn to shoot their wedding I could not refuse. I have been capturing their family memories for the past five years and when I was given the opportunity to capture this moment for them it felt extra special.

The morning of their special day, Erwyn was unaware about the special surprise that his family had in store for him. The family hid the surprise since June with many months of planning. The wedding was suppose to be held in the Philippines and the tickets were bought in April, however Erwyn found out he had cancer in May. The wedding was then cancelled as the doctor told him he was not physically well enough to fly. Nhiza's mother talked to all the sisters to have the wedding in Canada instead. Nhiza proposed to Erwyn two hours before the church wedding through FaceTime. As the ceremony started, tears and smiles filled the room. It wasn't only about renewing their marriage but celebrating life and strength as well. There was an aura around them that shows nothing but goodness and affection for each other.

I was driven by emotions the moment I pressed the shutter; their families filled with life, filled with support, filled with love. Listening to their speeches made me realize how important life can be. With twenty-five years of marriage, the strong love between Nhiza and Erwyn aspires their children to find the same in their future marriage one day. It is this kind of love that sets itself as a foundation for generations ahead.


Enjoy the highlights of Nhiza and Erwyn's Silver wedding day below!

Never stop smiling :)

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