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A Trip To Iceland

When someone asks me "Where do you want to travel?", I tell them: "Anywhere I can explore that is different. I went with a couple friends in the end of April for about 8 days to go to Iceland and it was one of the most magical and unique places I've experience so far. Iceland is full of exciting activities with breathtaking landscapes. You can witness geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, valleys and endless stretches of black sandy beaches.

When we first arrived I noticed that it was all nature and flat land. Literally being awake for 24 hours we were so excited to explore the area. The first few hours felt amazing because of all the sights and nature you can see. We hiked and walked to many hills, and visited different waterfalls. After visiting outside of the city, we went to Reykjavik and stayed in the city for two days. Compared to the atmosphere outside of the city, Reykjavik was so colourful! Every corner seemed to have some sort of art on the walls of a building. I felt like I was walking in a big canvas painting. The last area we went to was the famous Blue Lagoon and I'm glad we ended our trip with it. The lagoon water is filled with so much minerals that it dried our hair out even if we put alot of the provided conditioner. The water wasn't as hot as the natural hot spring but it still felt relaxing. We made our skin glow with both the algae mask and silica mud masks while we had drinks from the Lagoon Bar.

What I enjoyed most about the trip was being able to travel with my friends and enjoy a different atmosphere. I have never felt so relaxed being with nature and just taking in everything that surrounded me.

Please enjoy some photos that were taken on this trip!

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