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Karoline + Ken | Beechwood Golf Course Wedding

Love doesn't have to happen right away. You can meet people that come and go in your life and one day you realized they were there all along. When I heard about Karoline and Ken's love story I was so engaged how they crossed paths again. They're both so supportive to each other and despite their ages their spark is like if they were teenagers again.

As everyone got ready on the wedding day, it didn't seem like there were two different families in the house. I was so amazed how well everyone interacted because it felt like one family already. During the ceremony, Karoline sang to Ken after the vows and the ceremony was filled with emotion of cries and smiles. Instead of lighting a candle to announce unity, each one of them had their own coloured sand filled with a different colour. One by one, they took turns filling up the jar in the middle to combine both families together.

Throughout the day I was just smiling and awing how everyone bonded together so naturally. I am so happy be a part of their special day and wishing them both a lifetime of happiness and smiles :)

Please enjoy some of my favourites from their wedding day !

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