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LVMK Apparel

I had a great opportunity to partner up with LVMK which stands for "Leave your Mark". The brand is founded in Hamilton, Ontario by Jessy Ho who is an aspiring artist who believes in giving an opportunity to bring out your inner self and what you stand for. The "X" is known to be a letter or value that represents power, ownership, remembrance and importance. LVMK apparal is branded for both men and woman and will be offering shoe customization. While wearing the apparel it is a reminder of your story and where you came from.

For me, leaving my mark is having people remember to never stop smiling. A simple smile can bring warmth and comfort and I want to be remembered as a a person who brings smiles and positivity.

"If you fight for what you love, and love what you’re fighting for no matter what you do, you’ll always leave your mark." - Jessy Ho

Please check out their website and support near by artists!

LVMK website:

Instagram: @LVMK

Model: Jessy Ho

Apparel: LVMK T- Shirts

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